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Farma Sort is market leader in sorting solutions for the pharmaceutical industry in the Netherlands. We believe that our customers achieve sustainable growth when both the efficiency on the work floor and the job satisfaction of their people go hand in hand. Therefore, we offer sorting solutions tailored to each life stage of their business in an era where profit margins are becoming increasingly thin and good staff is increasingly difficult to find.


The best Sorting Solutions from the Netherlands

Farma Sort is the premium brand of sorting machines. We understand that a sorting machine is at the core of a pharmacy business and ensures a smooth daily operation. That’s why we place utmost emphasis on reliability in the development of our machines. We achieve this by overseeing the entire production process from A to Z at our workshop located in Betuwe.

Customer satisfaction is for us important!

We are not just a production company; we are driven to actively contribute to the success of our customers on a daily basis. We achieve this by promptly addressing every inquiry and finding the best solution. Sometimes, we provide additional training, perform quick interventions, or collaborate to explore ways to further optimize the sorting process. Our commitment is to support our customers throughout their journey and ensure the best possible outcomes for their pharmacy operations.

We keep on improving and developing

By being in daily contact with our customers, we understand the operational challenges of the pharmaceutical industry like no other. We centralize common questions in our innovation department, where we continuously improve our design and concepts to later implement them for our customers. This approach allows us to stay leading in the industry, ensuring that our sorting solutions are always equipped with the latest advanced technologies to meet our clients requirements.

We contribute to your growth.

As an entrepreneur in the pharmaceutical industry, you constantly evolve your business, but new challenges arise in every stage of its life. Our company offers a wide portfolio of solutions and is committed to continuous innovation. This enables us to assess the best-fitting solution for your current prescription volume in every phase of your business. Additionally, we provide a convenient exchange guarantee, ensuring that you always have a well-functioning machine you can rely on.

Financial solutions tailored to your business.

At Farma Sort, we approach each sorting solution with a profit model tailored for our customers. We understand that making an investment is not always feasible for every client. Therefore, we offer financial flexibility through leasing options for both the purchase of our machines and the licensing of our software. This way, you can benefit from our solutions without the immediate burden of a large upfront investment.

We bring efficiency to the workplace.

e want to be the driving force for sustainable growth in every pharmacy, with a focus on fostering harmony in the workplace. We achieve this by ensuring that employees feel more valued as they have more time to focus on the essence of their work: caring for and personally connecting with patients. Additionally, we safeguard the efficiency of the organization and the associated profit margins for the pharmaceutical entrepreneur

Case Study

Diemer Pharmacy from Diemen, the Netherlands

The efficiency of prescription processing has greatly increased, the Sorter is easy to operate, and it prevents medication mix-ups. We have also gained a lot of extra time for supporting medication guidance. Speed Filling gives an efficient workflow in the Pharmacy.


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As an entrepreneur in the pharmaceutical industry, you encounter new challenges in each phase of your business. We specialize in resolving the logistical pain points of growing pharmacies, driven by our vision of automation.

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