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Easy Filling is an easy-to-use sorting solution, as the name suggests, to simplify the local filling process at pharmacies. The task of Easy Filling is to label medications quickly and efficiently and then group them per prescription. By following just 4 steps, Easy Filling transforms from chaos (unsorted medications) into order (prescription):

How Easy Filling works?

Since Easy Filling operates based on the product rather than the patient, it no longer matters how you supply the medications. You take any random medication and scan the barcode. Easy Filling searches for the corresponding prescription and illuminates a collection location in blue where the medication can be placed.

In combination with a label printer that automatically separates the label from the paper, the input speed of Easy Filling ranges from 300 to 400 medications per hour (equivalent to 110 prescription lines per hour).

Step 1

The AIS (Automated Inventory System) sends central filling orders containing the prescriptions to be processed. Medications are collected from the existing inventory or automatically ordered from the wholesaler. The tote containing the chaotic collection of medications is placed on the worktable.

Step 2

The barcodes of the medications are scanned one by one, and a label is printed for each medication. The label is automatically separated from the paper! The label will be manual applied to the medication packaging.

Step 3

The medication is placed in a location that illuminates in blue. Once a verification sensor confirms that the medication has been placed correctly, the illumination turns off again. Because each location is equipped with a lamp, it is possible for multiple operators to put simultaneously.

Step 4

Once a prescription is complete, the illumination of the collection location turns green. With a RF scanner the barcode of the respective location is scanned, and an address label is printed. The content of the location can now be packed

Reliable workflow

During the packaging process, it is essential to verify if the quantities match the expected contents. The expected content is displayed on the screen of the wireless scanner.

Advantages of Easy Filling

The fastest manual sorter solution

By printing labels rapidly and directly sorting a large portion of the prescriptions, Easy Filling becomes the fastest manual sorting solution for pharmacies.

Unlimited and modular. extendable

Easy Filling is infinitely expandable and configurable in terms of locations, compartments, and cabinets. Choose the capacity that suits your needs, allowing you to adapt step by step to the growth of your business.

Flexible dimensions for every prescription

For each prescription, the correct dimensions are available. Easy Filling provides the necessary locations for sorting small, medium, and large prescriptions, as well as prescriptions with incontinence materials. There is a matching location for every type of prescription.

more operators simultaneously get started

Per unit 3 operators can work simultaneously where every operator has his own label printer and scanner With 3 operators, you have a sorting capacity of 177 prescriptions per hour.

Complete delivered and installed from A to Z

All the necessary parts and accessories are included, such as a computer, scanner, printer, etc. Everything is delivered, installed, and thoroughly tested before you start using it. it.

Simplification of the sorting process

The sorting process is significantly simplified with automatic and strict control over the employees’ workflow. This allows the sorting process to be carried out by logistics personnel.

Handy wireless

standard supplied with wireless functionality prevents unnecessary back-and-forth walking between productlocations, and worktables during Packing.

Simple and

Easy Filling is constructed from industriel products and Easy Filling has no mechanical parts what means no wear! This makes Easy Filling a simple and reliable solution.

More efficiency at the

Now, employees can accomplish tasks with less effort
with all prescription lines processed faster in the morning, they feel more appreciated and can focus better on their caregiving tasks and customer interactions.

Easy Filling is compatible with:

Easy Filling is beneficial in almost every pharmacy!

What are the applications of Easy Filling?

With Easy Filling, you can benefit from flexibility and user-friendliness. The ability to work simultaneously with multiple operators without interfering with each other make Easy Filling the best choice for your pharmacy.

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Sorting the medications at the front and packaging the prescriptions at the back of the modules can be carried out by different individuals without interfering with each other.

Shorter walking distances

The reduction in walking distance due to the division of the cabinet / module leads to significant time savings throughout the day. Every Easy Filling with 48 or more compartments is equipped with this feature as standard

Customization is possible.

Easy Filling can also be placed on a worktable and offers numerous options for the number of compartments and their dimensions. If you have any specific requirements in this regard, please feel free to let us know.

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