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Speed Filling is a sorting solution designed to optimize the local filling or central filling process for pharmacies. The task of Speed Filling, then, is to label medicines quickly and efficiently and then automatically group them by prescription.

How Speed Filling works?

The Speed Filler is the machine that labels medicines and then automatically distributes them at the prescription level. The Speed Filler is a semi-automatic solution that simplifies and reduces the operator’s work.

In this way, a very high capacity can be created with a minimum number of employees so that Local Filling pays off in your pharmacy.

scanning medicine

The user puts a tote with the necessary medicines on the provided standard Then the operator takes the medicine one by one out the tote and scans the barcode.

Labeling & placing

Automatically a label is printed for the medicine which is applied by the operator. A lamp signals which opening to put the medicine.

Is Speed Filling profitable for your pharmacy?

Automatic distribution

After the operator put the medicine in the opening this will be automatically transported to the rigth destination . This destionation is a compartment with own signal lamp and unique barcode where all medicines are collected until the prescription is completed. If the order / prescription is complete a lamp signals that the destinations can be emptied.

Automatically a despatch label is printed.

If the lamp signals that the destinations is ready The operator scans with an RF scanner the destination barcode. A printer will print automatically a despatch / address label. If necessary an additional label can be printed with a contentlist of the shipment.

Apply despatch / address label.

The products / medicines can be taken out the destination and packed in the shipment package . Address label can be applied and the order / prescription is ready to be shipped.

How works Speed Filling?

Increase in work comfort

The operator no longer needs to move around, as is the case with other methods. The Operator performs their tasks in one place and at an ergonomically responsible working height.

Automatic seperation of labels

Sorting is very fast. Although the user applies the label themselves, the paper is automatically separated from the label. Even an untrained operator can quickly get started with sorting.

Enhancing the capacity of an FTE

With 2 persons, you can easily label and sort up to 450 prescription lines per hour, resulting in significant savings on personnel costs during the daily sorting process.

More operators at the same Machine

At Speed Filling every operator have is own work area (without crossing in case of a manual solution). This results in a efficient ergonomics and working method.

3 year quarantee on moving parts

All our solutions are efficient engineered and have proven technology! Our strong point is that we selected proven technology parts with low maintenance and a 3 year quarantee on moving onderdelen!parts !

Reliable industrial technology

Speed Filling is designed with industrial products en we have chosen for reliable mechanical solutions. Result is that Speed Filling is a simple, robust and reliable machine.

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