The efficiency in prescription processing has significantly increased, and we are enthusiastic about Farma Sort.

Diemer Apotheek

Pharmacist Jerry ter Borgh from Diemer Apotheek uses Farma Sort’s Speed Filling and experiences numerous benefits from this sorting solution. “The efficiency in prescription processing has significantly increased, the device is easy to operate, and it helps prevent medication mix-ups. We also have gained a lot of extra time for tasks such as medication counseling. Speed Filling brings a lot of efficiency to the pharmacy.”

Ter Borgh has been using Speed Filling since May 2020 for processing repeat prescriptions. “We also handle repeat medication for the other three branches of our pharmacy, with which we form a partnership.”

In essence, this process is a form of local-level central filling, ter Borgh explains. “Patients from all four pharmacies are registered with us because we handle the medication dispensing. We write the repeat prescriptions for these pharmacies. However, patients can pick up their repeat medication at any of our pharmacy branches that are more convenient for them. The ordered medications arrive at our pharmacy twice a week through the wholesale supplier. The packages are labeled using Speed Filling and then sorted by prescription into the compartments of the device. The sorting solution separates the prescriptions per pharmacy before ordering. After sorting, the track-and-trace system reserves a location in the cabinet for the respective pharmacy location. The medications are then transported to the other pharmacy branches using internal transport. The bins are released, and the patients receive an email notifying them that their order is ready. The packages can be stored immediately because the location is already reserved.

Simple to work with

The significant advantage of Speed Filling is its high level of automation, which is why ter Borgh and the other pharmacists from the partnership chose this sorting solution from Farma Sort. According to ter Borgh, the other sorting solutions from Farma Sort require more manual intervention. “Speed Filling is the most automated sorting solution. About three weeks before the end date of the repeat prescriptions, we write all the prescriptions. Then, the order arrives, and we process it with Speed Filling on Saturdays and weekday evenings. We have a separate team for this task. It is unskilled work, and loading the sorting system is straightforward—anyone can do it. That’s why we have students, who are abundant in Amsterdam, handle this as a part-time job. The Speed Filler does everything automatically: sorting prescriptions per patient, organizing them by size so they fit into the correct compartment of the other pharmacies’ systems, labeling, and dividing them based on the pharmacy where the prescription will be picked up.”


Indeed, the pharmacy team now has very little work left concerning repeat prescriptions, creating ample space for other tasks, such as providing medication counseling, as ter Borgh points out. “There is a sense of tranquility in the pharmacy, allowing us to focus on other responsibilities, like medication counseling. The elimination of the daily processing of the bulk of repeat prescriptions leads to significant time savings. Since we have only recently started using the Speed Filler, I am still contemplating how we can reorganize our pharmacy processes and tasks. However, we now have more room to expand our role as healthcare providers.”

Ter Borgh also mentions several other significant benefits that come with the Speed Filler. “The efficiency in prescription processing has greatly increased, the device is easy to use, and after proper instruction, anyone can operate it. Additionally, it helps prevent medication mix-ups.

Less inventory

Indeed, transitioning to the operational use of the Speed Filler posed some technical challenges, as ter Borgh explains: “Switching from an existing situation to a new workflow required creating a connection between the track-and-trace system for prescriptions and the Speed Filler. Additionally, it was a challenge to adjust to working with smaller inventory levels. When you order frequently, you can maintain lower stock levels. Initially, we used a robot to refill the inventory. We still have that robot, but now we use it for the daily prescription process. Sometimes, we also use it for repeat prescriptions because some patients prefer not to receive automatic notifications when their repeat prescription is ready at the pharmacy. Instead, they want to request their repeat medication when necessary, as they prefer to have more control over their situation.


 “Working with Speed Filling provides a high level of efficiency in the pharmacy, and it is certainly more cost-effective than using central filling services from an external party. One advantage of locally dispensing prescriptions in the pharmacy is that you have more control over the prescription processing. Compared to working with the robot, it is also an improvement as it eliminates one step in the prescription processing. With the robot, you had to refill it every day when the order arrived. That is no longer necessary with the Speed Filler.”

Ter Borgh expresses high satisfaction with Farma Sort’s service. “We are very enthusiastic about Farma Sort’s sorting solution. It’s a great company, and they are small-scale, which makes it easier to communicate with them. If you have a specific request – for example, we wanted to improve the way we split prescriptions – Farma Sort is responsive and cooperative. They can solve any issue. We also have some desires for the future. For instance, we want more insight into the exact boxes we have ordered to replenish local inventory. Undoubtedly, Farma Sort will also be willing to brainstorm and come up with a good solution for this. Farma Sort is still a young company, but they are already doing very well.

Voorbeeld blok 1

Of de Speed Filler kostenbesparend zal zijn, kan Steenvoorden nog niet zeggen, maar ze verwacht van wel. “We werken er nog maar kort mee. Maar werken met Speed Filling geeft een hoge mate van efficiency in de apotheek en het is zeker goedkoper dan central filling bij een externe partij. Een voordeel van het lokaal uitvullen van recepten in de apotheek is dat je de receptverwerking meer in eigen hand hebt.

Voorbeeld blok 2

Zodra een recept compleet is, gaat de verlichting van de verzamel locatie groen branden. Met behulp van de draadloze scanner wordt de barcode van de desbetreffende verzamellocatie gescand en komt er een adresetiket uit de printer. De inhoud van het vak kan nu worden uitgenomen en verpakt.

“Marges worden ook in de farmacie alsmaar dunner” We moeten daarom steeds efficiënter gaan werken.”

– Voorbeeld blok 3