At Farma Sort, we believe that our customers achieve sustainable growth when both workplace efficiency and employee well-being go hand in hand. That’s why we offer customized sorting solutions tailored to each business.


Why Automation!

Manual Sorting can be efficient with smaller volumes. But as the number of prescription vials to be processed grows, the process becomes increasingly complex and requires proportionally more labor. Therefore, automated sorting offers numerous advantages for growing pharmacists.

Challenges in Pharmacy

As an entrepreneur in the pharmaceutical industry, you’re continuously evolving your business, but each stage of growth comes with its unique challenges. At Farma Sort, we specialize in assisting growing pharmacies with our expertise in automation. We believe we can support you in overcoming the following challenges:

Comparison Farma Sort machine with Pharmacy robot

It is difficult to compare a modern Farma Sort sorting machine with Pharmacy  robots. The speed of Farma Sort machines is much faster and efficient.  Our machines stand out for their compactness, durability, and all of this comes at an affordable price tag.

Calculate your benefits

To know  whether an automatic sorting solution for your pharmacy is profitable and can help increase profit margins while ensuring prescription orders are always ready on time, then consult our online calculator!