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As a pharmaceutical entrepreneur, you are continuously evolving your business, but in every phase, new challenges will arise. At Farma Sort, we specialize in addressing the pain points of growing pharmacies through our vision of automation.

We believe we can further assist you with the following challenges:


Persistent staffing shortages

We assist pharmacy entrepreneurs facing persistent staff shortages by implementing automated sorting solutions. As a result, staff turnover generally decreases. Sorting processes become much smoother, ensuring all prescriptions are ready on time. This improved efficiency leads to employees feeling more valued in their roles and having more time to focus on providing excellent patient care at the counter.

Optimal workcomfort

Our goal is to enhance the ergonomics for employees by eliminating any unnecessary movements during the sorting process, as they perform repetitive tasks multiple times a day. With our automated sorting machines, we fine-tune the settings to ensure each prescription line is prepared as comfortably as possible. By doing so, we aim to create a more pleasant and efficient working environment for our staff.

Workfloor organisation

When the volumes increase, the pressure on the workplace also intensifies. If prescription lines are no longer ready on time in the morning, and employees are making more mistakes due to the workload, automating the sorting process becomes a logical step.

By automating, you can save a few seconds per prescription line, which can make a significant difference in a day’s work. This improvement is reflected in a better-organized workplace.

Declining margins

In the pharmaceutical industry, profit margins are continuously decreasing. To counter this, we need to build a more efficient organization that creates more capacity with fewer costs. Specifically, it means finding a new balance in total personnel expenses and the investments required to enable volume growth. We can calculate this balance together using our calculation tool so that you will know at which volumes automation becomes beneficial for you.

“Profit margins in the pharmaceutical industry are continually shrinking, which is why we must continuously strive to work more efficiently.”

– Roel Kooyman – Project manager

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